Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added a new driver for handling network policy support as introduced in this blueprint .

    In order to enable it the following configuration must be followed:



New Features

  • Added possibility to ensure all OpenStack resources created by Kuryr are tagged. In case of Neutron regular tags field is used. If Octavia supports tagging (from Octavia API 2.5, i.e. Stein), tags field is used as well, otherwise tags are put on description field. All this is controlled by [neutron_defaults]resource_tags config option that can hold a list of tags to be put on resources. This feature is useful to correctly identify any leftovers in OpenStack after K8s cluster Kuryr was serving gets deleted.

  • It is now possible to use same pool_driver for different pod_vif_drivers when using MultiVIFPool driver.

    A new config option vif_pool.vif_pool_mapping is introduced which is a dict/mapping from pod_vif_driver => pool_driver. So different pod_vif_drivers can be configured to use the same pool_driver.


    Earlier each instance of a pool_driver was mapped to a single pod_driver, thus requiring a unique pool_driver for each pod_vif_driver.

Upgrade Notes

  • As announced, possiblity of running Kuryr-Kubernetes without kuryr-daemon service is now removed from the project and considered not supported.

  • If vif_pool.pools_vif_drivers config option is used, new config option vif_pool.vif_pool_mapping should be populated with inverted mapping from the present value of vif_pool.pools_vif_drivers.

Deprecation Notes

  • Configuration option vif_pool.pools_vif_drivers has been deprecated in favour of vif_pool.vif_pool_mapping to allow reuse of pool_drivers for different pod_vif_drivers.

    If vif_pool_mapping is not configured, pools_vif_drivers will still continue to work for now, but pools_vif_drivers will be completely removed in a future release.


New Features

  • Added support for using cri-o (and podman & buildah) as container engine in both container images and DevStack.

Upgrade Notes

  • Before upgrading to T (0.7.x) run kuryr-k8s-status upgrade check to check if upgrade is possible. In case of negative result refer to kuryr-kubernetes documentation for mitigation steps.

Deprecation Notes

  • The scripts/ scripts gets removed as we no longer use it in DevStack plugin.