Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Kuryr will now support nested mode with nodes VMs running in multiple subnets. In order to use that functionality a new option [pod_vif_nested]worker_nodes_subnets is introduced and will accept a list of subnet IDs.

  • Added support for Services without Selectors. Kuryr now handles Services that do not define the .spec.selector, allowing the user to manually manage the Endpoints object. When using ovn-octavia provider, Kuryr only creates the Load Balancer resources for this type of Service if the IPs on Endpoints are on the Pods or Nodes Subnet.

Upgrade Notes

  • In order to match the default value of MTU defined in Neutron, regardless of the SDN used, the default value [neutron_defaults]network_device_mtu is now set to 0.

Deprecation Notes

  • Option [pod_vif_nested]worker_nodes_subnet is deprecated in favor of [pod_vif_nested]worker_nodes_subnets that accepts a list instead of a single ID.

Bug Fixes

  • Kuryr can now handle egress Network Policy that allows traffic to Pods being Pointed by a Service without Selector. Also, ingress Network Policy is not enforced on Services without Selectors when the Octavia provider is Amphora.