Train Series Release Notes


New Features

  • kuryr-cni, that is the executable called by kubelet, is now rewritten to golang. This enables Kuryr to work containerized in environments where there is no Python or curl on the hosts running kubelet. This is the case e.g. in K8s deployed by Magnum.

Upgrade Notes

  • kuryr-daemon used to listen on port 50036, but that’s a port from local range (on Ubuntu and RHEL default range is 32768-60999). This means that there might have been a port conflict (“address already in use”). To avoid that the default value of [cni_daemon]bind_address option was changed to

  • kuryr-cni is now a golang binary. The upgrade should be automatic and consists of deploying an updated kuryr-cni container. Please note that if you used a custom listening port for kuryr-daemon, it is currently hardcoded to 5036. We’re planning to pass it through 10-kuryr.conf CNI configuration file in the very near future.