Ocata Series Release Notes



Magnum changes its service scope as Container Infrastructure Management service. Also Magnum-UI change rename service ‘container’ to ‘container-infra’, and container management functions removed. Magnum uses terms ‘cluster’ and ‘cluster template’ instead of ‘bay’ and ‘baymodel’, because the use of new Magnum term of ‘bay’ has caused confusion with users.

Magnum UI keeps on following changes for Horizon’s AngularJS-based framework. So we can use recent Horizon’s feature. And hundreds of JavaScript tests are added. This ensures quality of Magnum UI.

Ocata release summary.

Update actions are added for cluster template and cluster. Also, the form maintainability is proceeded by angular-json-schema.

New Features

  • Support ‘ca-show’. The function of downloading CA from cluster is added.

  • Support ‘ca-sign’. The function of signing of certificates to cluster is added.

  • Add following options to cluster template creation and views.

    • ‘docker_storage_driver’

    • ‘fixed_subnet’

    • ‘floating_ip_enabled’

    • ‘master_lb_enabled’

  • Allow to create cluster template without keypair. Also, allow change or set keypair in cluster creation. Following change in Magnum, also Magnum UI allows this feature.

  • Change creation actions to global actions. Cluster Template creation and Cluster creation actions are changed from batchAction to globalAction. This means these actions are callable from other panels.

  • Use initAction() instead initScope(). initScope() is deprecated from Horizon in Ocata and will be removed in Queens.

  • Use horizon’s common “views” module for Angular. This proceeds independence against Django framework for plugins.

  • Reasonable name is set to browser title bar.

  • Update actions are added for cluster template and cluster.

  • angular-json-schema library is used for create and update dialog, their forms are integrated into one workflow service. It proceeds maintainability for forms.

Upgrade Notes

  • Service is renamed from ‘container’ to ‘container-infra’. Renaming targets are URLs, Angular module name, slugs for panel, etc.

  • ‘bay’ and ‘baymodel’ are changed to ‘cluster’ and ‘cluster template’.

Deprecation Notes

  • Container panel is removed. According to decision of Magnum that changes service scope, container management functions are removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue that there is no way to specify for insecure magnumclient as a result api throws 500 and SSL cert verify errors. ‘insecure’ and ‘ca-cert’ options are added for magnumclient.

Other Notes

  • Switch to reno for managing release notes.

  • Support for Horizon’s Angular registry service, generic table and detail view, action service.

  • We removed the Xstatic packages from requirements, as those are not needed anymore. Horizon includes what it needs.