Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added attributes for cluster to show. Following cluster attributes were added.

    In drawer on table view:

    • Keypair

    • API address

    • Master Addresses

    In details view

    • Docker Volume Size

    • Stack Faults

    • Master Flavor ID

    • COE Version

    • Container Version

    • Labels

    • Status Reason

    Also, reconstructed layouts for drawer and details views.

  • Added flavor_id, master_flavor_id and labels for cluster creation as flavor, master flavor and labels.

  • Supported Calico as network driver for kubernetes.

  • Limit cluster update properties

  • [story 2003865] Added master_flavor_id and flavor_id to show in cluster update dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • [story 2003614] Added image filtering for magnum. When open a image selector for cluster creation dialog, many invalid images were shown. If a project has a lot of images, options can be quite long, and cause wrong selection by mistake. Now, images that has “os_distro” property and its value is one of “fedora-atomic”, “coreos” and “ubuntu” would be shown.

  • Disabled action for rotate certificate, due to Magnum API has not support rotate certificate yet. This action will be enabled in the future.

  • [story 2003865] Magnum only allows the node count in cluster update now. Properties for cluster update filtered in favor of Magnum API.

  • Supported api-version for client. Magnum API is using micro versions and to get the correct fuctions support, user or client have to initialize the correct client with parameter ‘api_version’. Magnum UI also follow the same way as other OpenStack services to read the version from OPENSTACK_API_VERSIONS of Horizon