Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Used text-download service on horizon. The text-download service have been ported from Magnum UI to Horizon, so we use it.

  • Added API service for Quotas. APIs for CLI, REST API for Ajax and REST service for Angular are added. Also stats and quota information are added into cluster table view.

  • insecure_registry for cluster template creation is added. This parameter is also shown in update dialog and details view.

  • Filled up empty values with ‘-’ on table view and details view using noValue filters. Also show ‘None’ for empty objects.

  • flavor_id and master_flavor_id parameters for cluster creation are added. These parameters are originally set by cluster template, but we can customize them when cluster create now.

  • Added some attributes for cluster to show. Keypair, API address and Master Addresses are added into drawer on table view. Docker Volume Size, Stack Faults, Master Flavor ID, Node Flavor ID, COE Version, Container Version, Labels and Status Reason are added into details view.

  • The load-edit directive is used. The CSR field on Sign Certificate dialog use load-edit directive newly added into Horizon.

Known Issues

  • [bug/1638863] Magnum has issue for updating labels of cluster template and cluster.

  • Removed link to Stack. Panel for Stack, i.e. Heat Dashboard, was separated to independent UI Plugin. So we removed link to Stack panel on details view for Cluster. We might restore the link if we can find the installed plugins and paths to link.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug/1742599] Fixed issue the deleted item is selected again with batch delete. Items recently deleted with batch action had been shown in deletion confirmation dialog when execute the batch delete action again. And this had caused the conflict error due to trying to delete unexisting item.