Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Mistral now support usage of alternative RPC layer, that calls RabbitMQ directly instead of using Oslo.

  • Tasks support new flag ‘safe-rerun’. If it is set to ‘true’, a task would be re-run if executor dies during execution.

  • Mistral now supports authentication with KeyCloak server using OpenId Connect protocol.

  • Magnum action are now supported.

  • Mistral API server can be configured to handle https requests.

  • Role base access control was added.

  • Murano actions are now supported.

  • Tacker actions are now supported.

  • Now user can provide custom message for fail/pause/success transition. e.g. - fail(msg=’error in task’): <% condition if any %>

  • New API for validating ad-hoc actions was added.

Upgrade Notes

  • During an upgrade to Newton, operators or administrators need to run python tools/ to populate database with Magnum action definitions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for YaqlEvaluationException in std.create_instance workflow.