Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Run mistral-db-manage --config-file <mistral-conf-file> upgrade head to ensure the database schema is up-to-date.

Bug Fixes

  • Cleanup transports along RPC clients. Fixed a bad weird condition in the API server related to cron-triggers and SIGHUP. The parent API server creates a RPC connection when creating workflows from cron triggers. If a SIGUP signal happens after, the child inherits the connection, but it’s non-functional.
  • [bug 1785654]

    Fixed a bug that prevents any action to run if the OpenStack catalog returned by Keystone is larger than 64kB if the backend is MySQL/MariaDB. The limit is now increased to 16MB.

  • Fix issue where next link in some list APIs, when invoked with pagination and filter(s), contained JSON string. This made next link an invalid URL. This issue impacted all REST APIs where filters can be used.
  • Workflow output sometimes was not calculated correctly due to the race condition between different transactions: the one that checks workflow completion (i.e. calls “check_and_complete”) and the one that processes action execution completion (i.e. calls “on_action_complete”). Calculating output sometimes was based on stale data cached by the SQLAlchemy session. To fix this, we just need to expire all objects in the session so that they are refreshed automatically if we read their state in order to make required calculations. The corresponding change was made.
  • Removed DB polling from the logic that checks readiness of a “join” task which leads to situations when CPU was mostly occupied by scheduler that runs corresponding periodic jobs and that doesn’t let the workflow move forward with a proper speed. That happens in case if a workflow has lots of “join” tasks with many dependencies. It’s fixed now.
  • Eliminated an unnecessary update of the workflow execution object when processing “on_action_complete” operation. W/o this fix all such transactions would have to compete for the workflow executions table that causes lots of DB deadlocks (on MySQL) and transaction retries. In some cases the number of retries even exceeds the limit (currently hardcoded 50) and such tasks can be fixed only with the integrity checker over time.
  • The header X-Target-Insecure previously accepted any string and used it for comparisons. This meant unless it was empty (or not provided) it would always evaluate as True. This change makes the validation stricter, only accepting “True” and “False” and converting these to boolean values. Any other value will return an error.
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