Ocata Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • When we pass a workflow environment to workflow parameters using ‘env’ Mistral first evaluates it assuming that it can contain expressions (YAQL/Jinja) For example, one environment variable can be expressed through the other. In some cases it causes problems. For example, if the environment is too big and has many expressions, especially something like <% $ %> or <% env() %>. Also, in some cases we don’t want any evaluations to happen if we want to have some informative text in the environment containing expressions. In order to address that the ‘evaluate_env’ workflow parameter was added, defaulting to True for backwards compatibility. If it’s set to False then it disables evaluation of expressions in the environment.


New Features

  • New function, called tasks, available from within an expression (Yaql, Jinja2). This function allows to filter all tasks of a user by workflow execution id and/or state. In addition it is possible to get tasks recursively and flatten the tasks list.

  • It is now possible to use the Bare metal (Ironic) API features introduced in API version 1.10 to 1.22.

  • Aodh actions are now supported.

  • Gnocchi actions are now supported.

  • Senlin actions are now supported.

Upgrade Notes

  • Required Ironic API version was bumped to ‘1.22’ (corresponding to Ironic 6.2.0 - Newton final release).

  • Due to the default Ironic API version change to ‘1.22’, new bare metal nodes created with ‘node_create’ action appears in “enroll” provision state instead of “available”. Please update your workflows accordingly.

Critical Issues

  • Mistral does not consider the initial task run as a retry but only considers the retry value after the failure of initial task execution.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1633345]

    User now could define the target region for the openstack actions. It could be done via API in X-Region-Name and X-Target-Region-Name in case of multi-vim feature is used.