Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • New function, called tasks, available from within an expression (Yaql, Jinja2). This function allows to filter all tasks of a user by workflow execution id and/or state. In addition it is possible to get tasks recursively and flatten the tasks list.
  • It is now possible to use the Bare metal (Ironic) API features introduced in API version 1.10 to 1.22.
  • Aodh actions are now supported.
  • Gnocchi actions are now supported.
  • Senlin actions are now supported.

Upgrade Notes

  • Required Ironic API version was bumped to ‘1.22’ (corresponding to Ironic 6.2.0 - Newton final release).
  • Due to the default Ironic API version change to ‘1.22’, new bare metal nodes created with ‘node_create’ action appears in “enroll” provision state instead of “available”. Please update your workflows accordingly.

Critical Issues

  • Mistral does not consider the initial task run as a retry but only considers the retry value after the failure of initial task execution.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1633345]

    User now could define the target region for the openstack actions. It could be done via API in X-Region-Name and X-Target-Region-Name in case of multi-vim feature is used.