Queens Series Release Notes

Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds support for load distribution when multiple instances of the networking-baremetal agent are running. Each instance will manage a subset of bare metal nodes. In case one or more instances of networking-baremetal agent is lost, the remaining instances will take over the bare metal nodes previously managed by the the lost instance(s).
  • Add neutron agent ironic-neutron-agent to enable integration with neutron routed provider networks. The ml2 agent reports the state of ironic ports associated with ironic nodes to neutron, it populates the bridge_mappings configuration for each ironic node. The agent data can be used by the neutron segments plug-in in conjunction with neutron ml2 mechanism driver to ensure that port binding and ipam ip address allocations are taken from subnets associated with physical network segments available to the ironic port.
  • Baremetal ml2 mechanism driver integration with the L2 agent. This enables the ml2 mechanism driver to use the agent_db data when binding ports. E.g the bridge mappings to enable binding on routed provider networks.
  • Add support for type vlan networks in baremetal ml2 mechanism driver. This enables binding on networks using vlans for segmentation. It is only setting type vlan as supported. The intent is to use this in combination with another neutron mechanism driver that actually knows how to configure the network devices.


    The driver will not do anything to set up the correct vlan tagging in the network infrastructure such as switches or baremetal node ports.

    Another ml2 mechanism driver, or some other implementation, must be enabled to perform the necessary configuration on network devices.

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