Victoria Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Operators using ironic-neutron-agent with noauth authentication strategy (i.e standalone ironic without keystone) must update the configuration. Replace [ironic]/auth_strategy = noauth with [ironic]/auth_type = none and set the [ironic]/endpoint_override option accordingly.

Deprecation Notes

  • With the switch from ironicclient to openstacksdk the following options has been deprecated.

    • [ironic]/ironic_url replaced by [ironic]/endpoint_override

    • [ironic]/os_region replaced by [ironic]/region_name

    • [ironic]/retry_interval replaced by [ironic]/status_code_retries

    • [ironic]/max_retries replaced by [ironic]/status_code_retry_delay

    • [ironic]/auth_strategy is ignored, please use [ironic]/auth_type instead.

Other Notes

  • Communication with ironic is now using openstacksdk, removing the dependency on ironicclient.