Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A device management driver interface using stevedore for dynamic loading has been added. The base driver includes two abstract base classes BaseDeviceDriver and BaseDeviceClient.

  • Added an OpenConfig based device driver (driver name: netconf-openconfig) using Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF). Implements network create, delete and update functionality as well as port create, delete and update.

  • Added support to configure LACP (802.3ad) link-aggregates in the netconf-openconfig device driver.

  • Added support for pre-configured link-aggregates in the netconf-openconfig device driver. This is useful for the following linux bond modes:

    • balance-rr

    • balance-xor

    • broadcast

  • OpenConfig YANG data model python bindings.

    Bindings for a subset of the OpenConfig YANG models has been added, these bindings can be used to build a structured configuration that can be serialized and sent to a network device (switch) where it will be parsed and applied. Serialization to XML which can be used with Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) has been implemented.

    The bindings is only a small subset of the following YANG models, it implements what is required to provide a good feature-set for BMaaS use case.

    • http://openconfig.net/yang/interfaces

    • http://openconfig.net/yang/interfaces/ethernet

    • http://openconfig.net/yang/vlan

    • http://openconfig.net/yang/network-instance

    • http://openconfig.net/yang/interfaces/aggregate

    • http://openconfig.net/yang/lacp