Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added new variable tempest_volume_backend_names and updated templates/tempest.conf.j2 to point backend_names at this variable

Deprecation Notes

  • Removed tempest_volume_backend1_name and tempest_volume_backend1_name since backend1_name and backend2_name were removed from tempest in commit 27905cc (merged 26/04/2016)


Upgrade Notes

  • The variables tempest_requirements_git_repo and tempest_requirements_git_install_branch have been removed in favour of using the URL/path to the upper-constraints file using the variable pip_install_upper_constraints instead.


New Features

  • Added new parameter `cirros_img_disk_format to support disk formats other than qcow2.

  • Added new variable tempest_img_name.

  • Added new variable tempest_img_url. This variable replaces cirros_tgz_url and cirros_img_url.

  • Added new variable tempest_image_file. This variable replaces the hard-coded value for the img_file setting in tempest.conf.j2. This will allow users to specify images other than cirros.

  • Added new variable tempest_img_disk_format. This variable replaces cirros_img_disk_format.

  • Deployers can now configure tempest public and private networks by setting the following variables, ‘tempest_private_net_provider_type’ to either vxlan or vlan and ‘tempest_public_net_provider_type’ to flat or vlan. Depending on what the deployer sets these variables to, they may also need to update other variables accordingly, this mainly involves ‘tempest_public_net_physical_type’ and ‘tempest_public_net_seg_id’. Please refer to for more neutron networking information.

Deprecation Notes

  • Removed cirros_tgz_url and in most places replaced with tempest_img_url.

  • Removed cirros_img_url and in most places replaced with tempest_img_url.

  • Removed deprecated variable tempest_compute_image_alt_ssh_user

  • Removed deprecated variable tempest_compute_image_ssh_password

  • Removed deprecated variable tempest_compute_image_alt_ssh_password

  • Renamed cirros_img_disk_format to tempest_img_disk_format

  • Downloading and unarchiving a .tar.gz has been removed. The related tempest options ami_img_file, aki_img_file, and ari_img_file have been removed from tempest.conf.j2.

  • The [boto] section of tempest.conf.j2 has been removed. These tests have been completely removed from tempest for some time.

Bug Fixes

  • This role assumes that there is a network named “public|private” and a subnet named “public|private-subnet”. These names are made configurable by the addition of two sets of variables; tempest_public_net_name and tempest_public_subnet_name for public networks and tempest_private_net_name and tempest_private_subnet_name for private networks This addresses bug 1588818

  • Removed various deprecated / no longer supported features from tempest.conf.j2. Some variables have been moved to their new sections in the config.