Train Series Release Notes

New Features

  • The os_tempest role now has the ability to install from distribution packages by setting tempest_install_method to distro.

  • The new variable tempest_workspace has been introduced to set the location of the tempest workspace.

  • The default location of the default tempest configuration is now /etc/tempest/tempest.conf rather than the previous default of $HOME/.tempest/etc.

  • Added new parameter tempest_services for setting tempest_service_available_{service_name} var automatically.

  • Add the launchpad and bugzilla keys in tempest_test_blacklist ansible variable. Developers must have a way to trackdown why a test was inserted in the skiplist, and one of the ways is through bugs. This feature add the information regarding it in the list of skipped tests on os_tempest

  • Python-tempestconf is a tool that generates a tempest.conf file, based only on the credentials from an openstack installation. It uses the discoverable api from openstack to check for services, features, etc.

    Add the possibility to use python-tempestconf tool to generate tempest.conf file, rather than use the role template.

  • The service setup in keystone for tempest will now be executed through delegation to the tempest_service_setup_host which, by default, is localhost (the deploy host). Deployers can opt to rather change this to the utility container by implementing the following override in user_variables.yml.

    tempest_service_setup_host: "{{ groups['utility_all'][0] }}"
  • Rather than a hard-coded set of projects and users, tempest can now be configured with a custom list with the variables tempest_projects and tempest_users.

  • It is now possible to specify a list of tests for tempest to blacklist when executing using the tempest_test_blacklist list variable.

Upgrade Notes

  • Data structure for tempest_test_blacklist has been updated to add launchpad and/or bugzilla linked with the test being skipped.

  • The variable tempest_image_dir_owner is removed in favour of using default ansible user to create the image directory.

Deprecation Notes

  • The variable tempest_public_net_physical_type will be removed by Train release in the favor of tempest_public_net_physical_name.

  • The variable tempest_requires_pip_packages is no longer required and has therefore been removed.

  • The variable tempest_image_downloader has been removed. The image download now uses the same host designated by the tempest_service_setup_host for the image download.