Ocata Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The openstack_tempest_gate.sh script has been removed as it requires the use of the run_tempest.sh script which has been deprecated in Tempest. In order to facilitate the switch, the default for the variable tempest_run has been set to yes, forcing the role to execute tempest by default. This default can be changed by overriding the value to no. The test whitelist may be set through the list variable tempest_test_whitelist.


New Features

  • A new variable, tempest_flavors, has been added to the os_tempest role allowing users to define nova flavors to be during tempest testing.

  • Added new variable tempest_volume_backend_names and updated templates/tempest.conf.j2 to point backend_names at this variable

Upgrade Notes

  • The variables tempest_requirements_git_repo and tempest_requirements_git_install_branch have been removed in favour of using the URL/path to the upper-constraints file using the variable pip_install_upper_constraints instead.

Deprecation Notes

  • Removed tempest_volume_backend1_name and tempest_volume_backend1_name since backend1_name and backend2_name were removed from tempest in commit 27905cc (merged 26/04/2016)