Rocky Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • REMINDER openstack.profile.Profile is deprecated and will be removed in the next release.

Bug Fixes

  • Adds support for error messages from the bare metal service.

  • Correct updating bare metal resources. Previously an incorrect body used to be sent.

  • Fixed an issue where the Profile compat code wasn’t setting microversion.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with exceptions raised in TaskManager being raised at the wrong part of the process causing queue oriented task managers to abort their processing loop instead of reporting the exception to the caller.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where passing an iterator to the data parameter of create_object for chunked uploads failed due to attempting to calculate the length of the data.


New Features

  • Add a data parameter to openstack.connection.Connection.create_object so that data can be passed in directly instead of through a file.

  • Added a create_directory_marker_object’ method to allow for easy creation of zero-byte ‘directory’ marker objects. These are not needed in most cases, but on some clouds they are used by Static Web and Web Listings in swift to facilitate directory traversal.

  • Adds set_provision_state and wait_for_provision_state to openstack.baremetal.v1.Node.

  • Adds node_set_provision_state and wait_for_nodes_provision_state to the baremetal Proxy.

  • The node_set_provision_state call now supports provision states up to the Queens release.

  • Add flag for disabling object checksum generation

Bug Fixes

  • The v3password auth_type implies that the auth_url given is a versioned endpoint and so discovery is skipped for auth. Previously the auth_type for Vexxhost had been set to v3password due to v2 being no longer available to give better errors to users. The auth_url was unfortunately left unversioned, so authentication ceased working. The auth_url has been changed to the versioned endpoint.


New Features

  • A new task_manager parameter to Connection has been added for passing a TaskManager object. This was present in shade and is used by nodepool, but was missing from the Connection constructor.


New Features

  • Added magnum cluster CRUD support to cloud abstraction layer.

  • Add support for query of port binding extended attributes including ‘binding:host_id’, ‘binding:vnic_type’, ‘binding:vif_type’, ‘binding:vif_details’, and ‘binding:profile’.

  • Added support for senlin

  • The created field which was returned by the Nova API is now returned as created_at as well when not using strict mode for consistency with other models.

  • Allows configuring Session’s connect_retries and status_code_retries via the cloud configuration (options <service type>_connect_retries, connect_retries, <service type>_status_code_retries and status_code_retries).

Bug Fixes

  • Added workaround for using neutron on older clouds where the version discovery document requires auth.


New Features

  • Config values now support service-type aliases. The correct config names are based on the official service type, such as block_storage_api_version, but with this change, legacy aliases such as volume_api_version are also supported.

  • Versions set in config via *_api_version or OS_*_API_VERSION that have a . in them will be also passed as the default microversion to the Adapter constructor. An additional config option, *_default_microversion has been added to support being more explicit.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where endpoint_override settings were not getting passed to the Adapter constructor in get_session_client.

  • Fixed an issue where importing openstacksdk changed the behavior of yaml.load globally.

  • Machine inspection is now blocked for machines associated with an instance. This is to avoid “stealing” a machine from under a provisioner (e.g. Nova).

Other Notes

  • All endpoint discovery logic is now handled by keystoneauth. There should be no behavior differences.

  • Add Limestone Networks vendor info for us-dfw-1 and us-slc regions


New Features

  • Ported in support for masakari/instance_ha service from python-masakariclient.

  • Updated the openstack.config.cloud_config.CloudRegion object to be able to store and retreive cache settings and the password callback object without needing an openstack.config.loader.OpenStackConfig object.


New Features

  • dns_domain attribute support has been added to the network port resource

  • All of the methods formerly part of the shade library have been added to the openstack.connection.Connection` object.

Deprecation Notes

  • openstack.proxy.BaseProxy has been renamed to openstack.proxy.Proxy. A BaseProxy class remains for easing transition.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an optimization in the logic to find floating ips first when looking for public ip addresses broke finding the correct private address.