Unreleased Versions


New Features

  • Add tls_enabled parameter for Octavia pools, it can be used to enable TLS communications between a load balancer and its member servers.

  • Support for Ironic Volume Target API.


New Features

  • Complete compute.aggregate functions to the latest state

Bug Fixes

  • aggregate.deleted property is renamed to ‘is_deleted’ to comply with the naming convention


New Features

  • Add additional compute flavor operations (flavor_add_tenant_access, flavor_remove_tenant_access, get_flavor_access, extra_specs fetching/updating).

  • Adds ALPN protocols support for the Octavia (load_balancer) listeners.

  • Modify microversion handling. Microversion chosen by the client/user is respected in the microversion negotiation. For features, requiring particular microversion, it would be ensured it is supported by the server side and required microversion is <= chosen microversion, otherwise call will be rejected.

  • Add source_ip_prefix and destination_ip_prefix to Neutron metering label rules.

  • Optimizes compute server console creation by adding older get_server_console method to the server and create_console proxy method calling appropriate method depending on the supported microversion.

  • Support waiting for bare metal power states.

Deprecation Notes

  • Deprecate the use of ‘remote_ip_prefix’ in metering label rules, and it will be removed in future releases. One should use instead the ‘source_ip_prefix’ and/or ‘destination_ip_prefix’ parameters. For more details, you can check the spec: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/744702/.