Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add possibility to list users in the group.

  • Add support for Compute API microversion 2.17, which allows admins to trigger a crash dump for a server. This can be useful for debugging misbehaving guests.

  • Add workflow CronTrigger resource and proxy methods.

Upgrade Notes

  • The signatures of the various volume attachment-related methods in the compute API proxy layer have changed. These were previously incomplete and did not function as expected in many scenarios. Some callers may need to be reworked. The affected proxy methods are:

    • create_volume_attachment

    • delete_volume_attachment

    • update_volume_attachment

    • get_volume_attachment

    • volume_attachments

  • cloud.get_compute_usage method return instance of compute.usage.Usage class instead of munch.

Bug Fixes

  • Make sure find_server returns server details when looking up by name.


New Features

  • Add support for group snapshots to the block storage service.

  • -| Adds support to query metadef namespaces from glance.

  • Add support for metadata definition schema resource in image service.

  • Project cleanup now supports cleaning Swift (object-store). If supported by the server bulk deletion is used. Currently only filtering based on updated_at (last_modified) is supported.

  • Added support for the updated_at attribute for volume snapshots.

  • Added update_volume to the block storage proxy.

Upgrade Notes

  • Changes the baremetal create_node call to be closer to how Ironic behaves. If no provision state is requested, the default state of the current microversion is used (which usually means enroll). If the available state is requested, the node does not go through cleaning (it won’t work without creating ports), an old API version is used to achieve this provision state.

  • The default behavior of the register_machine call has been modified to run cleaning by default, if enabled in Ironic. You can pass provision_state="enroll"/"manageable" to avoid it.