Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add support for groups to the block storage service.


New Features

  • Add support for creating, updating and deleting group type group specs for the block storage service.

  • Add possibility to cache GET requests using dogpile cache.



This is a first major release of OpenStackSDK. From now on interface can be considered stable and will also in future strictly follow SemVer model. This release includes work in ensuring methods and attribute naming are consistent across the code basis and first steps in implementing even more generalizations in the processing logic. Microversion support is now considered as stable and session will be established with the highest version supported by both client and server.

New Features

  • Added support to list absolute resource limits on the shared file system service.

  • Add support for the Compute service’s migrations API, allowing users to list all in-progress migrations for all servers.

  • Add support for the Compute service’s server migrations API, allowing users to list all migrations for a server as well as force complete or abort in-progress migrations.

  • Adds support to create, update, list, get, and delete share snapshots to shared file system service.

  • Added revert share to snapshot to shared file system service.

  • Added support to create, update, list, get, and delete shares (from shared file system service).

  • Added support for retrieving storage pools information from the Shared File Systems service.

  • Add support for system role assignment. A system role assignment ultimately controls access to system-level API calls.

    Good examples of system-level APIs include management of the service catalog and compute hypervisors.

    System role assignment API reference.

  • Add support for user group assignments in identity service.

  • Added support to list, get, and delete user messages on the shared file system service.

  • Add block storage QuotaSet resource and proxy methods.

  • Add support for QuotaSet in the compute service.

  • It is now possible to filter openstack.image.v2.Image resources by ID using the id filter. While this is of little value when used with single IDs, it can be useful when combined with operators like in: to e.g. filter by multiple image IDs.

  • Added two filtering keys to QoSRuleType class query mapping, used for filtering the “list” command: “all_rules”, to list all network QoS rule types implemented in Neutron, and “all_supported”, to list all network QoS rule types supported by at least one networking mechanism driver.

  • Added QoS minimum packet rate rule object and introduced support for CRUD operations.

  • Stop sending tenant_id attribute to Neutron.

  • Added support for the updated_at attribute for volume objects.

Upgrade Notes

  • The allow_get attribute of openstack.resource.Resource has been removed. Use allow_fetch or allow_list instead.

  • Cloud layer operations for Senlin service are dropped due to big amount of bugs there.

  • API metrics emitted by OpenStackSDK to StatsD now contain status_code part of the metric name in order to improve information precision.

  • This release includes work in enforcing consistency of the cloud layer methods. Now they all return SDK resource objects where previously Munch objects could have been returned. This leads to few important facts:

    • Return object types of various cloud.XXX calls now rely on proxy layer functions and strictly return SDK resources.

    • Some attributes of various resources may be named differently to follow SDK attribute naming convention.

    • Returned objects may forbid setting attributes (read-only attributes).

    Mentioned changes are affecting Ansible modules (which rely on OpenStackSDK). Historically Ansible modules return to the Ansible engine whatever SDK returns to it. Under some conditions Ansible may decide to unset properties (if it decides it contain sensitive information). While this is correct SDK forbids setting of some attributes what leads to errors. This release is therefore marking incompatibility with OpenStack Ansible modules in R1.X.X and the work on fixing it is being done in R2.X.X of modules repository.

  • Networking functions of the cloud layer return now resource objects openstack.resource. While those still implement Munch interface and are accessible as dictionary modification of an instance might be causing issues (i.e. forbidden).

Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to pass metadata parameter directly into the create_container, create_object object_store methods and will not be ignored.


New Features

  • Add support for Compute API microversion 2.73, which allows admins to specify a reason when locking a server.

  • The 2.89 API microversion is now supported for the compute service. This adds additional fields to the os-volume_attachments API, represented by the openstack.compute.v2.volume_attachment.VolumeAttachment resource.


New Features

  • Add support to display node fields boot_mode and secure_boot which are introduced in API 1.75.

  • Add support for changing node states boot_mode and secure_boot in sync with functionality introduced in API 1.76.

Bug Fixes

  • hw_qemu_guest_agent attribute of the image is a string boolean with values yes and no.