2023.1 Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The newly added mysql_wsrep_sync_wait parameter now defaults to non-present in the enginefacade’s default configuration options, so that it is not configured in a MySQL / MariaDB database by default, unless passed in the options explicitly. Previously, the default value was “0”, meaning the wsrep_sync_wait parameter would be set unconditionally on new connections, which would fail for MySQL backends that don’t provide for this setting.


New Features

  • Added new option mysql_wsrep_sync_wait which sets the Galera “wsrep_sync_wait” variable on server login. This session-level variable allows Galera to ensure that writesets are fully up to date before running new queries, and may be used to tune application behavior when multiple Galera masters are targeted for SQL operations simultaneously.


Deprecation Notes

  • MySQL NDB Cluster support has been deprecated for removal. It appears no one is using this functionality and it’s poorly understood.