Pike Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Repaired the “synchronous_reader” modifier of enginefacade so that it refers to the “writer” engine when set to True, thereby allowing “synchronous” behavior with the writer. When set to False, this is “asynchronous”, so this should be associated with the async engines. The flag had the reverse behavior previously.


Upgrade Notes

  • oslo.db now logs a warning when the connection URL does not explicitly mention a driver. The default driver is still used, but in some cases, such as MySQL, the default is incompatible with the concurrency library eventlet.

  • It is strongly recommended to use the PyMySQL driver when connecting to a MySQL-compatible database to ensure the best compatibility with the concurrency library eventlet. To use PyMySQL, ensure the connection URL is specified with mysql+pymysql:// as the scheme.


Upgrade Notes

  • The configuration option sqlite_db is removed. Pease use configuration option connection or slave_connection to connect to the database.