Xena Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Checks specific to the DB2 database have been removed. This database has not been supported by any OpenStack project for many years.

  • The check_foreign_keys helper of the oslo_db.sqlalchemy.test_migrations.ModelsMigrationsSync base test class has been removed. This was deprecated in 1.4.1 as alembic now supports this capability.

  • The _walk_versions, _migrate_down, and _migrate_up methods of the oslo_db.sqlalchemy.test_migrations.ModelsMigrationsSync base test class have been removed. These were deprecated in 0.5.0 in favour of their non-private equivalents, walk_versions, migrate_down, and migrate_up respectively.

Deprecation Notes

  • The oslo_db.concurrency.TpoolDbapiWrapper class and supporting [database] use_tpool config option are now deprecated. This feature never graduated from experimental status and is slated for removal due to lack of maintenance and test coverage. Users should switch to oslo_db.api.DBAPI.from_config and remove references to the deprecated config option from their documentation.


Bug Fixes

  • Removed the [DATABASE] idle_timeout, [database] idle_timeout, [sql] idle_timeout, [DEFAULT] sql_idle_timeout and [DATABASE] sql_idle_timeout options. These were all legacy aliases for [database] connection_recycle_time.


Bug Fixes

  • In mysql 8.0.19, duplicate key error information is extended to include the table name of the key. Previously, duplicate key error information included only the key value and key name. This extends capabilities to handle changes in duplicate key error information with newer mysql version since 8.0.19.


Bug Fixes

  • Removed deprecated database option sql_max_pool_size.