2024.1 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Introducing a new spec DSL operator called <range-in> that allows users to match a numeric value against a range of numbers that are delimited with lower and upper limits. The new operator is a binary operator that accepts 4 arguments.

    • The first one and the last one are brackets. [ and ] defines inclusive limits while ( and ) defines exclusive limits.

    • The second one is the lower limit while the third one is the upper limit.

    Example: “<range-in> [ 10.4 20 )” will match a value against an range such as the lower limit of the range is 10.4 and the upper limit is 20. Note that 10.4 is included while 20 is excluded.


Upgrade Notes

  • The strict argument has been removed from the is_same_callback function. The argument has had no effect in Python 3.8.