Zed Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The oslo_utils.fnmatch module has been removed. The stdlib fnmatch module is thread safe in Python 3+.

  • The isotime, strtime and iso8601_from_timestamp helpers have been removed from oslo_utils.timeutils. These are all available in the stdlib in Python 3.


Security Issues

  • This patch ensures that we mask sensitive data when masking password, even if double quotes are used as password value.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix regex used to mask password. The strutils.mask_password function will now correctly handle passwords that contain single or double quotes. Previously, only the characters before the quote were masked.


Bug Fixes

  • bug #1942682: Fix inconsistent value of QemuImgInfo.encrypted. Now the attribute is always ‘yes’ or None regardless of the format(human or json) used.