Ussuri Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The glance::api class now supports a lock_path parameter that configures the oslo.concurrency lock_path with a platform specific default value. Distributions that are used to defining the lock_path with a distribution specific config file may need to override the default glance::api::lock_path value.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1980539: Configure the oslo.concurrency lock_path, which is now required by cinder backends.


New Features

  • Add new options glance::backend::multibackend::swift::swift_buffer_on_upload and glance::backend::multibackend::swift::swift_upload_buffer_dir Indicate whether or not Glance should buffer image data to disk while uploading to swift. This enables Glance to resume uploads on error.


New Features

  • Added cache_prefetcher_interval in glance-api.conf, using which the periodic job will run as per the set interval and prefetch images into cache.

  • A new parameter cinder_mount_point_base is introduced into glance::backend::multistore::cinder class, so that operators can provide the cinder mount point for NFS volumes.

  • The following new parameters have been added, which can be used to set the interface parameter in authtoken middleware.

    • glance::api::authtoken::interface

    • glance::registry::authtoken::interface

Bug Fixes

  • The swift::backend::multistore::swift::swift_store_config_file is now set to /etc/glance/glance-swift.conf by default. Because of this change the parameter is automatically set to use the configuration file generated by puppet-glance.


New Features

  • The new parameter, cinder_os_region_name was added to glance::backend::cinder and glance::backend::multistore::cinder, to configure keystone region used for connection to cinder.

  • The new parameters, cinder_enforce_multipath and cinder_use_multipath, are intoroduced into cinder::backend::multistore::cinder class, so that operators can define multipath usage in volume connection.

Deprecation Notes

  • glance::api::os_region_name and glance::registry::os_region_name were deperecated. Use new cinder_os_region_name pamraeters instead.


Upgrade Notes

  • Support for el6 (RHEL6.x, CentOS6.x and so on) has been removed.

  • Deprecated idle_timeout option has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • database_min_pool_size option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.


Deprecation Notes

  • glance::api::registry_host, glance::api::registry_port and glance::api::registry_client_protocol are deprecated, because the corresponding parameters were deprecated in glance.

  • glance::api::show_multiple_locations was deprecated because the corresponging parameter ins glance was deprecated.


New Features

  • Add glance::api::enabled_backends and glance::api::default_backend parameters for configuring glance backends. The parameters implement glance’s Multi Store syntax, which supports configuring multiple backends of the same type (e.g. multiple rbd backends). Multiple backends of the same type may be specified using new glance::backend::multistore::* defined resource types.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following parameters are deprecated due to the corresponding parameters being deprecated in glance. They are replaced by the new glance::api::enabled_backends and glance::api::default_backend parameters. * glance::api::stores * glance::api::default_store * glance::api::multi_store

    The following backend resources are deprecated because they are associated with the deprecated glance::api::stores parameter. They are replaced by corresponding glance::backend::multistore resources, except for the s3 backend which was removed from glance in Newton. * glance::backend::cinder * glance::backend::file * glance::backend::rbd * glance::backend::s3 * glance::backend::swift * glance::backend::vsphere