Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The glance::cache::cleaner class and the glance::cache::pruner class now support the maxdelay parameter. This parameter would be useful in a multi-node deployment, to avoid launching the same cron command at the same time in multiple nodes.

Upgrade Notes

  • The glance::api class now supports a lock_path parameter that configures the oslo.concurrency lock_path with a platform specific default value. Distributions that are used to defining the lock_path with a distribution specific config file may need to override the default glance::api::lock_path value.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1980539: Configure the oslo.concurrency lock_path, which is now required by cinder backends.


New Features

  • Add enforce_secure_rbac parameter to enable enforcing authorization based on common RBAC personas.

  • The new glance::healthcheck class has been added. This class manages parameters of healthcheck middlware in oslo.middleware.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1947816: Fix the default auth_version for swift backend so that Keystone v3 API is used by default instead of v2 API.


New Features

  • Add ‘worker_self_reference_url’ parameter to allow other glance workers to contact the worker which has staged the image.

  • The new glance::policy::enforce_scope parameter has been added to support the corresponding parameter in oslo.policy library.

  • The new glance::policy::enforce_new_defaults parameter has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following parameters have been removed from the glance::api class.

    • enable_v1_api

    • enable_v2_api

    • registry_client_cert_file

    • registry_client_key_file

    • registry_client_ca_file

  • The following parameters have been removed from the glance::config class.

    • registry_config

    • registry_paste_ini_config

  • The following resource types have been removed.

    • glance_registry_config

    • glance_registry_paste_ini