Pike Series Release Notes

Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds the kombu_failover_strategy option for configuring oslo.messaging.rabbit. This will determines how the next RabbitMQ node is chosen in case the one we are currently connected to becomes unavailable.

  • Add openstack-db tag to Exec that run db-sync.


New Features

  • Add new parameter “host”, an opaque identifier for the node, not necessarily a host name, FQDN, or IP address. May be used for more than one node when these are in an HA cluster.


Deprecation Notes

  • manila::rpc_backend is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use manila::default_transport_url instead.


New Features

  • Added new cephfs class which supports both direct cephfs access or through ganesha-nfs server.

  • Add support for Dell EMC Isilon Driver

  • Add support for Dell EMC Unity Driver

  • Add support for Dell EMC VMAX Driver

  • Add support for Dell EMC VNF Driver

Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecated keystone authtoken signing_dir option is removed in Pike.

Deprecation Notes

  • Deprecated cephfsnative class in favor of the new cephfs class.


New Features

  • Add new parameter “notification_topics”, AMQP topic used for OpenStack notifications.

  • Add service_workers option to configure the number of API workers

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