Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support setting values for cephfs_volume_mode parameter which controls the rwx mode of the cephfs volumes, snapshots, and groups of these that back manila shares.

  • New parameters are added to the cephfs backend to permit configuration with an external Ganesha service; the new parameters define if Ganesha is remote and what are the username/password or private key to log on the remote host.

  • The manila API service can now be installed with Apache, instead of the package-provided built-in eventlet based wsgi server. Set $manila::api::service_name to ‘httpd’ to run the Manila API as virtual host on an apache based web server.

  • Add openstack-db tag to Exec that run db-sync.

Upgrade Notes

  • Keystone v2 has been oficially deprecated. Add new configuration options for nova and neutron to be used with keystone v3.

Deprecation Notes

  • Deprecate nova_catalog_info, nova_catalog_admin_info, nova_api_insecure, nova_ca_certificates_file, nova_admin_username, nova_admin_password, nova_admin_tenant_name and nova_admin_auth_url from nova section in manila.conf. Deprecate neutron_api_insecure, neutron_ca_certificates_file, neutron_url, neutron_url_timeout, neutron_admin_username, neutron_admin_password, neutron_admin_tenant_name, neutron_region_name, neutron_admin_auth_url and neutron_auth_strategy from neutron section in manila.conf.


New Features

  • This patch adds following 3 options for DellEMC Unity driver: * network_plugin_ipv6_enabled: this option is set to True by default * emc_ssl_cert_verify: this option is set to False by default * emc_ssl_cert_path

  • This patch adds following 3 options for DellEMC VNX driver: * network_plugin_ipv6_enabled: this option is set to True by default * emc_ssl_cert_verify: this option is set to False by default * emc_ssl_cert_path


New Features

  • Adds the kombu_failover_strategy option for configuring oslo.messaging.rabbit. This will determines how the next RabbitMQ node is chosen in case the one we are currently connected to becomes unavailable.


New Features

  • Adds the use_journal option for configuring oslo.log. This will enable passing the logs to journald.

  • Support for policy.json configuration has been implemented in the same way as other modules with manila::policy class.


New Features

  • In Pike manila proper added IPv6 support for network plugins and drivers so we now support the configuration parameters network_plugin_ipv4_enabled and network_plugin_ipv6_enabled.

  • Expose use_json logging parameter, which enables JSON formatted logging.

Upgrade Notes

  • Remove the nova network plugins since support for nova network was removed back in ocata.

Deprecation Notes

  • The configuration option “os_region_name” from the [DEFAULT] is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • service_instance_network_helper_type is now deprecated for removal; the parameter has no effect.

  • The standalone_network_plugin_ip_version parameter was deprecated for removal in pike and has no effect so it is marked as deprecated here.


New Features

  • Add new parameter “host”, an opaque identifier for the node, not necessarily a host name, FQDN, or IP address. May be used for more than one node when these are in an HA cluster.

Known Issues

  • Keystone v2.0 API was removed so we need to set a default value for user_domain_name and project_domain name, which will be Default as it is already in some other classes in modules.

Deprecation Notes

  • revocation_cache_time option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.