Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Now the nova class supports the long_rpc_timeout parameter.

  • There is now a new policy_dirs parameter in the nova::policy class, so one can set a custom path.

  • Introducing default_tls_verify for qemu. This effectively allows operators to enable or disable TLS client certificate verification.

  • Two new calsses nova::wsgi::wsgi_api and nova::wsgi::wsgi_api_metadata exist to allow configuring uwsgi in operating systems that support this (ie: currently Debian). This helps configuring the number of processes, threads, and listen socket. Please note that currently, nova does not support anything else than threads=1. Also, two new nova_api_uwsgi_config and nova_api_metadata_uwsgi_config provider now exist.

  • The new nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd_config parameter has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated parameters have been removed.

    • nova::scheduler::scheduler_driver

    • nova::scheduler::filter::scheduler_max_attempts

    • nova::scheduler::filter::periodic_task_interval

    • nova::scheduler::filter::scheduler_default_filters

  • The nova::manage::floatingip class, the nova_floating type and its provider have been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The nova::scheduler::periodic_task_interval parameter has been deprecated and has no effect now.

  • The nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::config class has been deprecated in favor of nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd_config.