Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new nova::migration::libvirt::manage_service parameter has been added.

Bug Fixes

  • The nova::migration::libvirt class no longer reads the nova::compute::libvirt::manage_libvirt_services parameter to decide whether the class should/shouldn’t manage services. The new nova::migration::libvirt::manage_service parameter now controls that behavior.


New Features

  • The nova::compute::libvirt::services class now installs the libvirt-damon package explicitly in CentOS and RHEL when modular libvirt daemons are not used. This is required in recent CentOS Stream 9 to use legacy libvirtd service and socket.

  • Add sysinfo_serial parameter to control a Serial number entry generation method. Defaults to $::os_service_default.

  • New parameters max_client_requests and admin_max_client_requests allow to configure corresponding settings for libvirt.

  • Now this module supports configuration of the virtlockd service.


New Features

  • Added disable_compute_service_check_for_ffu paramter to nova::workarounds to configure the configuration option with the same name.

  • The new nova::compute::mdev_type resource type has been added.

  • The new nova::compute::mdev::mdev_types parameter has been added.

  • The new system_scope parameter has been added to the following classes.

    • nova::cinder

    • nova::ironic::common

    • nova::metadata::novajoin::api

  • The new nova::vendordata::vendordata_dynamic_auth_system_scope parameter has been added.

  • The new nova::limit class has been added. This class manages parameters of the oslo.limit library.

  • The new nova::quota::driver parameter has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • Now the following resource types uses system scope credentail instead of project scope credential when sending requests to Nova API.

    • nova_aggregate

    • nova_flavor

    • nova_service

  • The nova::compute::vgpu resource type has been removed. Use the nova::compute::mdev resource type instead.

  • Now nova::compute::libvirt::images_type should be set to rbd when rbd is used for ephemeral storage backend.

  • Default values of the nova::compute::vmware class parameters have been updated to use service defaults more globally. Because of this change, the following parameters use effectively different default values.

    • api_retry_count is changed from 5 to the service default value (10)

    • task_poll_interval is changed from 5.0 to the service default value (0.5)

Deprecation Notes

  • The nova::compute::mdev::mdev_types_device_addresses_mapping parameter has been deprecate in favor of the new mdev_types parameter.

  • Support for novajoin service has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • The following resource types have been using the credential written in the [keystone_authtoken] section of nova.conf. However this behavior has been deprecated and now these resource types first look for the yaml files in /etc/openstack/puppet. Make sure one of clouds.yaml or admin-clouds.yaml (which is created by puppet-keystone) is created in that directory.

    • nova_aggregate

    • nova_flavor

    • nova_service