Xena Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added disable_compute_service_check_for_ffu paramter to nova::workarounds to configure the configuration option with the same name.

  • Added enable_qemu_monitor_announce_self paramter to nova::workarounds to configure the configuration option with the same name.

  • The following parameter and class have been added, to support usage of the service token feature with the Barbican key manager.

    • The nova::key_manager::barbican::send_service_user_token parameter

    • The nova::key_manager::barbican::service_user class

  • Add sysinfo_serial parameter to control a Serial number entry generation method. Defaults to $::os_service_default.

  • The nova_flavor resource now supports the project_name property. This property should be used instead of the project property when project name is used instead of project id.

  • New parameters max_client_requests and admin_max_client_requests allow to configure corresponding settings for libvirt.

  • Added parameter wait_for_vif_plugged_event_during_hard_reboot to nova::workarounds to configure the config option with the same name.


New Features

  • The new nova::compute::mkisofs_cmd parameter has been added to change the mkisofs tools. This is going to assist with transition from genisoimage to xorriso.

  • The new nova::logging::watch_log_file parameter has been added.

  • The new nova::cron::archive_deleted_rows::sleep parameter has been added.

  • This modules now supports modular libvirt daemons. Here is the list of daemons currently supported.

    • virtnodedevd

    • virtproxyd

    • virtqemud

    • virtsecretd

    • virtstoraged

    More information regarding modular libvirt daemons is available here. Libvirt Daemons <https://libvirt.org/daemons.html> _.

Upgrade Notes

  • The nova::compute::vgpu::enabled_vgpu_types parameter has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The nova::scheduler::query_placement_for_availability_zone parameter has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • The nova::compute::vgpu class has been deprecated in favor of the new nova::compute::mdev class.


New Features

  • The new nova::cron::archive_deleted_rows::task_log parameter has been added. This parameter enables the --task-log option of the nova-manage archive_deleted_rows command so that task logs are also processed by the command.

  • The new nova::cinder::http_retries parameter has been added.

  • The following parameters have been added to the nova class. These parameters define allocation ratios used when nova initially creates a resource provider record for each compute node.

    • initial_cpu_allocation_ratio

    • initial_ram_allocation_ratio

    • initial_disk_allocation_ratio

  • Now service type of the nova service and the novajoin service is configurable by the service_type parameter.

  • The new nova::network::neutron::http_retries parameter has been added.

  • The following parameters have been added to the nova::metada::novajoin::authtoken class

    • service_token_roles

    • service_token_roles_required

    • service_type

    • interface

    • params

  • Adds new purge_config parameter. When set to true, the policy file is cleared during configuration process. This allows to remove any existing rules before applying them or clean the file when all policies got removed.

Upgrade Notes

  • Fedora is no longer supported.

  • The following two parameters of the nova::compute class have been removed.

    • neutron_enabled

    • install_bridge_utils

  • The nova::compute::ironic::max_concurrent_builds parameter has been removed.

  • The following two resource types have been removed. These are dependent on the APIs of python-novaclient which were already removed during Pike cycle. Use the resource types provided by puppet-neutron instead.

    • nova_security_group

    • nova_security_rule

Deprecation Notes

  • The following parameters of the nova::api class have been deprecated and have no effect, because RateLimitingMiddleware was already removed from nova.

    • ratelimits

    • ratelimits_factory


New Features

  • Adds parameter nova::compute::libvirt::num_memory_encrypted_guests to configure the libvirt maximum number of guests with encrypted memory.

  • Add parameters for Nova/Glance image copy when using multiple RBD Glance stores.

    • nova::compute::rbd::libvirt_images_rbd_glance_store_name

    • nova::compute::rbd::libvirt_images_rbd_glance_copy_poll_interval

    • nova::compute::rbd::libvirt_images_rbd_glance_copy_timeout

  • Now the nova::compute::libvirt class supports the following two parameters.

    • device_detach_attempts

    • device_detach_timeout

  • Now libvirtd_config and virtlogd_config supports the quote parameter. Setting this parameter quotes the value by " ".

  • Now libvirtd_config and virtlogd_config accepts $::os_service_default as a mark to unset the parameter.

Deprecation Notes

  • The default values of the following parameter have been changed from undef to $::os_service_default. Using undef is still supported but that usage is deprecated.

    • nova::compute::libvirt::log_outputs

    • nova::compute::libvirt::log_filters

    • nova::compute::libvirt::tls_priority

    • nova::compute::libvirt::ovs_timeout

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::log_level

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::log_filters

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::log_outputs

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::max_clients

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::admin_max_clients

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::max_size

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::max_backups

    • nova::migration::libvirt::listen_address

    • nova::migration::libvirt::ca_file

    • nova::migration::libvirt::crl_file


New Features

  • The new nova::key_manager class has been added. This class manages basic options of key managers.

  • The new nova::key_manager::barbican class has been added. This class manages options of BarbicanKeyManager.

  • Now the nova class supports the long_rpc_timeout parameter.

  • There is now a new policy_dirs parameter in the nova::policy class, so one can set a custom path.

  • Introducing default_tls_verify for qemu. This effectively allows operators to enable or disable TLS client certificate verification.

  • Two new calsses nova::wsgi::wsgi_api and nova::wsgi::wsgi_api_metadata exist to allow configuring uwsgi in operating systems that support this (ie: currently Debian). This helps configuring the number of processes, threads, and listen socket. Please note that currently, nova does not support anything else than threads=1. Also, two new nova_api_uwsgi_config and nova_api_metadata_uwsgi_config provider now exist.

  • The new nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd_config parameter has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following parameters have been removed from the nova::compute::libvirt class.

    • remove_unused_base_images

    • remove_unused_original_minimum_age_seconds

    • remove_unused_resize_minimum_age_seconds

  • The following deprecated parameters have been removed from the nova::compute::libvirt class.

    • libvirt_virt_type

    • libvirt_cpu_mode

    • libvirt_cpu_model

    • libvirt_cpu_model_extra_flags

    • libvirt_snapshot_image_format

    • libvirt_hw_dis_discard

    • libvirt_hw_machine_type

    • libvirt_hw_inject_password

    • libvirt_hw_inject_key

    • libvirt_hw_inject_partition

    • libvirt_enabled_perf_events

  • The following deprecated parameters have been removed.

    • nova::scheduler::scheduler_driver

    • nova::scheduler::filter::scheduler_max_attempts

    • nova::scheduler::filter::periodic_task_interval

    • nova::scheduler::filter::scheduler_default_filters

  • The nova::manage::floatingip class, the nova_floating type and its provider have been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The nova::scheduler::periodic_task_interval parameter has been deprecated and has no effect now.

  • The nova::compute::keymgr_backend parameter has been deprecated. Use the cinder::key_manager class.

  • The following parameters of the nova::compute class have been deprecated in favor of the new nova::barbican class.

    • barbican_auth_endpoint

    • barbican_endpoint

    • barbican_api_version

  • The nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::config class has been deprecated in favor of nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd_config.