Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add support to configure Pure Storage FlashBlade Manila backend.

  • Haproxy configuration file can now use the frontend and backend keywords to describe a service, rather than using the listen keyword. The new format can be enabled via hiera parameter haproxy_backend_syntax. When enabled, any frontend or backend configuration can be overriden on a per service-basis via new hiera keys tripleo::haproxy::<service>::frontend_options and tripleo::haproxy::<service>::frontend_options. The original hiera key tripleo::haproxy::<service>::options has no effect on the frontend and backend sections.

  • When nova_virtlogd container gets restarted the instance console auth files will not be reopened again by virtlogd. As a result either instances need to be restarted or live migrated to a different compute node to get new console logs messages logged again. Usually on receipt of SIGUSR1, virtlogd will re-exec() its binary, while maintaining all current logs and clients. This allows for live upgrades of the virtlogd service on non containerized environments where updates just by doing an RPM update. To reduce the likelihood in a containerized environment virtlogd should only be restarted on manual request, or on compute node reboot. It should not be restarted on a minor update without migration off instances. This introduces a nova_virtlogd_wrapper container and virtlogd wrapper script, to only restart virtlogd on either manual or compute node restart.

  • New hiera setting rbd_disk_cachemodes allows to override the disk cache modes for RBD. Defaults to [‘network=writeback’].

  • Added “scripts” parameters for class tripleo::profile::base::metrics::collectd::sensubility enabling download of various scripts for usage within sensubility check definitions. Supported transfer method is HTTP only currently.

  • Adds a new option “audit_enabled” to add the pycadf audit middleware to the Swift proxy server pipeline.

  • Introduces the tripleo::profile::pacemaker::rabbitmq_bundle::use_masterslave_rabbitmqra class parameter to be able to use the resource agent from the rabbitmq upstream repository (as opposed to the resource-agent maintained under the clusterlabs umbrella).

Upgrade Notes

  • Services managed by Pacemaker will be restarted when this change is applied as an Update or Upgrade process.