Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds ceph_grafana endpoint and ceph_grafana_port to configure the ceph-dashboard service

Deprecation Notes

  • The aide puppet manifest for aide was removed. The heat template invoking this manifest has been converted to Ansible.


New Features

  • Added new parameter ‘mpm_module’ for the base Apache profile to configure the used MPM module. Defaults to ‘prefork’, which is also the default value for the config files installed with the package.
  • Two custom per-service hiera keys are added tripleo::haproxy::<service>::internal_bind_options and tripleo::haproxy::<service>::public_bind_options. They control additional custom options that can be added to the bind line of a specific service configuration in haproxy. One use case is to force older TLS versions for internal APIs that end up pointing to devices that do not support the latest TLS standard. They accept a single string or an array of strings.
  • Adds profile for rsyslogd composable service which aims to replace fluentd with the same behaviour. This means that rsyslog will be tailing OpenStack log files and forwarding it to central log collector (ELK)
  • Added TLS support for ELasticsearch output plugin in rsyslog service.

Known Issues

  • Allow a hiera key to add an additional rabbitmq policy in the resource agend.

Deprecation Notes

  • The tuned puppet manifest for tuned was removed. The heat template invoking this manifest has been converted to Ansible.

Bug Fixes

  • The old DEFAULT/dhcp_domain setting was moved to api/dhcp_domain. nova::network::neutron::dhcp_domain will be removed later in the cycle. We need include nova::metadata which sets the new [api]/dhcp_domain as this is used by the virt driver to generate the config drive.

Other Notes

  • Add dateext and related paramters for containerized logrotate service to find easily when logfiles were rotated.


New Features

  • Adds ovn_db_host and ovn_nb_port to configure ovn nb connection string for OVN Provider driver.

Upgrade Notes

  • Remove ntp profile and puppet-ntp usage.

Deprecation Notes

  • The Neutron LBaaS project was retired and support for it in TripleO removed.

Bug Fixes

  • As of Rocky [1], the nova-consoleauth service has been deprecated and cell databases are used for storing token authorizations. All new consoles will be supported by the database backend and existing consoles will be reset. Console proxies must be run per cell because the new console token authorizations are stored in cell databases.

    nova-consoleauth was deprecated in tripleo with: I68485a6c4da4476d07ec0ab5e7b5a4c528820a4f

    This change now removes the NovaConsoleauth Service.