Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add ability to specify memcached port for all services. The port defaults to hiera(‘memcached_authtoken_port’, 11211) for authtoken middleware and hiera(‘memcached_port’, 11211) for other uses.

  • This change introduces two hiera keys that allow an operator to specify which NIC (or NICs) the VIPs will be bound to. One hiera key has global effect (tripleo::pacemaker::force_nic) and forces all VIPs to listen to that NIC. There is also the possibility to override that for specific VIPs with the force_vip_nic_overrides hiera hash. This change is only useful for deployments where BGP is used to advertise IP addresses from the host across multiple L3 networks.

Upgrade Notes

  • Management of login.defs file has been removed because now the file is managed by ansible.