Ussuri Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A new tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::rbd::extra_options parameter adds the ability to configure additional options for use with cinder RBD backends.


New Features

  • Add ability to specify the memcache_security_strategy and memcache_secret_key for keystone authtoken middleware. The keys used by individual services are hashed with a salt (the service name), to isolate them.

  • Add ability to specify memcached port for all services. The port defaults to hiera(‘memcached_authtoken_port’, 11211) for authtoken middleware and hiera(‘memcached_port’, 11211) for other uses.

  • Add parameter for setting monitor interval for ovndbs (default is 30s)

Bug Fixes

  • libvirt 6.8.0 introduces virt-ssh-helper which prepends the libvirt ssh command with a “which virt-ssh-helper”. libvirt used to first check for nc (netcat). But these two libvirt commits[1][2] have now changed it to first look for virt-ssh-helper, if it not available, then fall back to nc. This trips up the ‘nova-migration-wrapper’ as it does not support virt-ssh-helper atm. Until this is implemented, this change force to use “netcat” (nc) by appending to the migration URI: “&proxy=netcat” [1];a=commit;h=f8ec7c842d (rpc: use new virt-ssh-helper binary for remote tunnelling, 2020-07-08) [2];a=commit;h=7d959c302d (rpc: Fix virt-ssh-helper detection, 2020-10-27)


New Features

  • This change introduces two hiera keys that allow an operator to specify which NIC (or NICs) the VIPs will be bound to. One hiera key has global effect (tripleo::pacemaker::force_nic) and forces all VIPs to listen to that NIC. There is also the possibility to override that for specific VIPs with the force_vip_nic_overrides hiera hash. This change is only useful for deployments where BGP is used to advertise IP addresses from the host across multiple L3 networks.

Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to override the enabled_share_protocols configuration for the Shared File Systems service (manila) with the hiera parameter manila_enabled_share_protocols.


New Features

  • Added support for VxFlexOS backend driver

Deprecation Notes

  • Keepalived is deprecated in Ussuri and will be removed in the next cycle.

  • Resource tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::dellemc_vxflexos will be removed in W-Release.


New Features

  • Add Dell EMC SC backend Cinder driver options. Supports both iSCSI and FC volume drivers and multiple backends as well.

  • Add Dell EMC XtremIO backend Cinder driver options. Supports both iSCSI and FC volume drivers and multiple backends as well

Deprecation Notes

  • ovn_db_host and ovn_nb_port from tripleo::profile::base::octavia::api are now deprecated and will be removed in the future release. Please use ovn_db_host and ovn_nb_port from tripleo::profile::base::octavia::provider::ovn instead.

  • Support for OpenDaylight has been removed because its templates and environment files are already removed in tripleo-heat-templates.

  • Resource tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::dellsc will be removed in V-Release.


New Features

  • Added tripleo::profile::base::octavia::provider::ovn for configuring OVN driver properties, including protocol.

  • Add support for configuring the glance-api service with multiple store backends. The primary backend becomes the service’s default backend, and additional backends may be specified using an optional ‘multistore_config’ hash.

  • Add new PowerMax backend Cinder driver options. Supports both iSCSI and FC volume drivers and multiple backends as well.

  • Add support to change virtlogd config options. New hieradata tripleo::profile::base::nova::libvirt::virtlogd_config can be used to override virtlogd config options.

Deprecation Notes

  • The enable_cache and cache_backend in tripleo::profile::base::nova class were removed because now these parameters are defined in tripleo-heat-templates.

  • tripleo::profile::base::nova::api::nova_api_wsgi_enabled and tripleo::profile::base::nova::api::nova_metadata_api_wsgi_enabled are removed, because the issue in nova was already resolved and using standalone eventlet server is discouraged.

  • Resource tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::dellemc_vmax_iscsi is no longer supported.


New Features

  • Adds ceph_dashboard endpoint and ceph_dashboard_port to properly expose the ceph-dashboard frontend service


New Features

  • This parameter sets inactive probe interval of the JSON session from ovn-metadata to the OVN SB database. By default this it is 5s which not be sufficient in loaded systems or during high control-plane activity spikes, leading to unnecessary reconnections to OVSDB server. Now it is extended by default to 1 min and it is configurable by param OVNRemoteProbeInterval.

  • Under pressure, the default monitor timeout value of 20 seconds is not enough to prevent unnecessary failovers of the ovn-dbs pacemaker resource. While spawning a few VMs in the same time this could lead to unnecessary movements of master DB, then re-connections of ovn-controllers (slaves are read-only), further peaks of load on DBs, and at the end it could lead to snowball effect. Now this value can be configurable by dbs_timeout in tripleo::profile::pacemaker::ovn_dbs_bundle and by default is set to 60s.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow using upper case names for SRIOV interface names.