Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A new tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::rbd::extra_options parameter adds the ability to configure additional options for use with cinder RBD backends.


Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1915800: Add support for ports filtering in XtremIO driver.


New Features

  • Add ability to specify the memcache_security_strategy and memcache_secret_key for keystone authtoken middleware. The keys used by individual services are hashed with a salt (the service name), to isolate them.

  • Add ability to specify memcached port for all services. The port defaults to hiera(‘memcached_authtoken_port’, 11211) for authtoken middleware and hiera(‘memcached_port’, 11211) for other uses.

  • Add parameter for setting monitor interval for ovndbs (default is 30s)

Bug Fixes

  • libvirt 6.8.0 introduces virt-ssh-helper which prepends the libvirt ssh command with a “which virt-ssh-helper”. libvirt used to first check for nc (netcat). But these two libvirt commits[1][2] have now changed it to first look for virt-ssh-helper, if it not available, then fall back to nc. This trips up the ‘nova-migration-wrapper’ as it does not support virt-ssh-helper atm. Until this is implemented, this change force to use “netcat” (nc) by appending to the migration URI: “&proxy=netcat” [1];a=commit;h=f8ec7c842d (rpc: use new virt-ssh-helper binary for remote tunnelling, 2020-07-08) [2];a=commit;h=7d959c302d (rpc: Fix virt-ssh-helper detection, 2020-10-27)


New Features

  • This change introduces two hiera keys that allow an operator to specify which NIC (or NICs) the VIPs will be bound to. One hiera key has global effect (tripleo::pacemaker::force_nic) and forces all VIPs to listen to that NIC. There is also the possibility to override that for specific VIPs with the force_vip_nic_overrides hiera hash. This change is only useful for deployments where BGP is used to advertise IP addresses from the host across multiple L3 networks.


New Features

  • New profile to configure libvirt-guests on compute host. On compute shutdown we might want to gracefully shutdown instances using libvirt-guests. If it gets configured is managed with the tht NovaResumeGuestsStateOnHostBoot parameter. This triggers config of /etc/sysconfig/libvirt-guests via puppet-nova, configures a dependency for to the docker service that instances get shutdown before the libvirt container gets stopped.

Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to override the enabled_share_protocols configuration for the Shared File Systems service (manila) with the hiera parameter manila_enabled_share_protocols.

  • The memcached IP for the Swift object expirer is not properly set in case of separate storage nodes. Until now, these were only set if the Swift proxy node was also configured on the same node; however, this is not the case with separate storage nodes. The service would still run, but was not able to use any cache and logging errors therefore.


New Features

  • Add PowerFlex Cinder driver support.

  • Add new PowerStore backend Cinder driver options.

Upgrade Notes

  • Since Heat API can be given longrunning API requests its backends will become load-balanced based on LRU ‘leastconn’ algorithm and its sessions will also benefit from the TCP-keepalive feature of HAProxy.

    Some of the other services with the longrunning requests notion will start using the ‘leastconn’ LRU LB as well.

Deprecation Notes

  • Resource tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::dellemc_vxflexos will be removed in W-Release. Use the new resource tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::dellemc_powerflex._

Bug Fixes

  • Designate producers will no longer be deployed in standalone mode and produce duplicates as they are now configured to coordinate via redis.


New Features

  • Added support for VxFlexOS backend driver

Deprecation Notes

  • Keepalived is deprecated in Ussuri and will be removed in the next cycle.

  • Resource tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::dellemc_vxflexos will be removed in W-Release.

  • Resource tripleo::profile::base::cinder::volume::dellemc_xtremio_iscsi will be removed in V-Release.