2023.2 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Now tested under Python 3.11.


New Features

  • Static Large Objects will now be used by default for segmented uploads to clusters that support them. The new --use-dlo option may be used to create Dynamic Large Objects, as was the previous behavior without --use-slo.

  • Uploads from stdin may now be Dynamic Large Objects by using the new --use-dlo option.

  • The --timeout option may now include ‘s’, ‘m’, and ‘h’ suffixes similar to the tempurl <time> argument.

Bug Fixes

  • 499 Client Disconnect responses are now retried in a manner similar to 408 Request Timeout responses.

  • Requests are retried for more SSL errors. Only certificate validation errors will not be retried.

  • If downloaded content does not match the Content-Length from response headers, the reported error will now highlight Content-Length rather than ETag.

  • Transaction IDs are now included when downloaded content does not match the expectations set by response headers.

  • Fix an import error for some distributions by using importlib rather than pkg_resources when possible.

  • Various other minor bug fixes and improvements.