Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added a copy object method.

  • Arbitrary query strings can now be passed into container functions.

  • Client certificate and key can now be specified via CLI options (–os-cert/–os-key) or environment variables ($OS_CERT/$OS_KEY).

  • A new CLI option –ignore-checksum can be specified to turn off checksum validation. In the SDK, the new checksum=True parameter can be used for the same purpose.

  • Added –json option to swift capabilities / swift info

  • Default to v3 auth if we find a (user|project)-domain-(name|id) option.

  • Added a Python version constraint of >= Py27.

  • will now retry on a 401 (auth error) even if retries is set to zero.

  • Fixed swift download when marker was specified.

  • Object segments uploaded via swiftclient are now given the content type “application/swiftclient-segment”.

  • “Directory marker” objects are now given a “application/directory” content type to match both Swift’s staticweb feature and other ecosystem tools.

  • Strip leading/trailing whitespace from headers (otherwise, new versions of the requests library will raise an InvalidHeader error). Additionally, header values with standard types (integer, float, or bool) are coerced to strings before being sent to a socket.

  • Non-python dependencies are now specified in bindep.txt. Currently this only lists a single dependency for testing (PyPy), but if future dependencies are added, they will be included in this file.

  • Client exceptions now include response headers. One benefit is that this allows clients to see transaction IDs without needing to turn on debug logging.

  • Client connections now accept gzip-encoded responses.

  • Various other minor bug fixes and improvements.