Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The swift CLI now supports streaming from stdin. If “-” is given as the source, the object content is read from stdin. The --object-name must be given when content is loaded from stdin.

  • Tolerate RFC-compliant ETags returned from the server.

  • Skip checksum validation on partial downloads.

  • Buffer reads from disk, resulting in much faster upload throughput.

  • Added support for ISO 8601 timestamps for tempurl, matching the feature in Swift 2.13.0.

  • Added an option to ignore mtime metadata entry (--ignore-mtime).

  • When using SwiftService to delete many objects, the bulk delete page size will now be respected. Previously, exceeding this limit would prevent any objects from being deleted.

  • Expose –prefix as an option for st_delete.

  • Imported docs content from openstack-manuals project.

  • Various other minor bug fixes and improvements.