Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • In order to allow overcloud and deploy images to vary based on architecture add a --architecture option to openstack overcloud image upload. This option will add hw_architecture to the image meta-data, which will then be used my nova to limit node selection to matching CPU architectures.

  • In certain situations it may be desirable to provide optimised overcloud images for deployed nodes. In order to achieve this add a --platform option to openstack overcloud image upload. This option will then be used to select appropriate images based on the combination of architecture and platform.

  • tripleo config generate ansible generates the default ansible.cfg in the given --output-dir (defaults to $HOME).


    Do not confuse the generated config with ~/.ansible.cfg. The latter takes the lower precedence.

    You may want to customize the generated config so it will be used with all undercloud and standalone deployments.


    Overcloud deployments use Mistral workflows to configure ansible for its own use, but the basic configuration it takes looks very similar.

  • Added a warning message if user has provided an invalid role-specific parameter in the environment file.


New Features

  • Deprecate –ipmi-lanplus for openstack overcloud generate fencing command since now this is the default and add new option –ipmi-no-lanplus to override it.

Bug Fixes

  • When requesting the deployment status of a non-existant plan, instead of showing a traceback, show a helpful message indicating there is no status.


New Features

  • A new command, openstack overcloud failures, is added to show the failures from a deployment plan when using config-download.

  • A new command, openstack overcloud status, is added to show the status of a deployment plan when using config-download.


Bug Fixes


New Features

  • Adds a cli for fast forward upgrades, in particular the

    openstack overcloud ffwd-upgrade prepare openstack overcloud ffwd-upgrade run openstack overcloud ffwd-upgrade converge

    Which are meant to be the first, second and final step in the fast-forward upgrade workflow. See the ffwd upgrade docs for more information on how to use these cli commands, and the list of parameters is available with openstack overcloud ffwd-upgrade [prepare,run,converge] –help

Upgrade Notes

  • For minor updates, an openstack overcloud update converge command has been added and must be run to restore the deployment plan (remove no-ops of some resources) after a minor update.


New Features

  • Add a new option to the TripleO client in order to create an Undercloud backup. Usage, openstack undercloud backup [–add-path ADD_FILES_TO_BACKUP]

Upgrade Notes

  • This adds a –skip-tags parameter to the openstack overcloud upgrade run command

    openstack overcloud upgrade run --nodes compute-0 --skip-tags validation

    This is useful for skipping those step 0 tasks (tagged “validation”) that check if services are running before allowing the upgrade to proceed, especially if you must re-run the upgrade after a failed attempt and some services cannot easily be started. The currently supported values for this are validation and pre-upgrade, and they can be combined as “–skip-tags ‘validation,pre-upgrade’” if required.

  • The `action` parameter for overcloud fencing generation is now ignored. This is because recent versions of the underlying fencing agents now produce an error if the action parameter is used. Previously the use of the parameter was discouraged.

  • This adds the new –roles and –nodes parameters for the Queens major upgrade cli, specifically for the ‘openstack overcloud upgrade run’ which executes the ansible playbooks on overcloud nodes.

    openstack overcloud upgrade run –nodes compute-0 compute-1 openstack overcloud upgrade run –roles Controller

    Nodes for controlplane roles (the default ‘Controller’ role for example) need to be upgraded using the –roles parameter as these nodes must be upgraded together/in parallel.

    For non controlplane roles the –nodes parameter can be used to limit the upgrade run to one or more nodes as specified by the operator.


New Features

  • Specifying –tag-from-label will trigger tag discovery to be performed on every image entry during a prepare run. This allow image registries to host images with a mixture of versioned tags, removing the need to always rebuild all images.


New Features

  • Add --all argument to the overcloud profiles list command to also display nodes that cannot be deployed on. A new Error column is displayed when this argument is provided.

Deprecation Notes

  • List deprecations notes here, or remove this section. All of the list items in this section are combined when the release notes are rendered, so the text needs to be worded so that it does not depend on any information only available in another section, such as the prelude. This may mean repeating some details.

Bug Fixes

  • Exclude from the output of overcloud profiles list nodes that:

    • have error power state

    • do not have a matching hypervisor request

    • have their compute service down.

  • The default value for –overcloud-ssh-key was wrong (it was actually a username). Instead of using a default value at all, just remove the default since we can’t sanely pick one.


New Features

  • Added a default kolla conf file for the container image building command

  • Add ‘–environment-directory’ option to the openstack overcloud container image prepare command.

Deprecation Notes

  • Renamed some options to the openstack overcloud container image prepare command for clarity. The ‘–images-file’ option was renamed to ‘–output-images-file’. The ‘–env-file’ option was renamed to ‘–output-env-file’. The ‘–service-environment-file’ option was renamed to ‘–environment-file’. The old options are still in place and show a deprecation warning in the help message.

Bug Fixes

  • For containerized undercloud deploy, a new option –local_domain allows to override undercloud domain name and endpoints’ FQDNs, which default to ‘undercloud’.


New Features

  • The “openstack overcloud container image tag discover” command is provided to discover the version-based tag by inspecting the image from a stable tag like ‘current-tripleo-rdo’. Stable tags like ‘latest’ or ‘pike’ can’t be used for container updates because something needs to change to trigger the new containers being pulled. Without this command it would be up to the user to find out what versioned tag to specify when calling prepare.

  • A new -n/–networks-data option has been added. This allows overriding the default network_data.yaml, similar to the existing interface for roles_data.yaml.

  • The “openstack overcloud container image prepare” command can now filter the image list by the containerized services being deployed. This is done by specifying the heat environment files which enable containerized services.

  • Added a warning message to provide the list of parameters which are not used in a deployment plan, but provided by the user via environments.

Deprecation Notes

  • The command “openstack overcloud container image prepare” has deprecated the –pull-source argument. The source registry should now be specified as part of the –namespace argument.

Bug Fixes

  • overcloud deploy now fails early if a path specified for --environment-directory does not exist. See bug 1697031.