Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The enable_mistral parameter and the enable_zaqar parameter in undercloud/standalone deployment have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • An ephemeral Heat process is now used by default for overcloud deployment. On each overcloud management operation (deploy/update/upgrade), a containerized Heat process will be started, the stack will be created new, and then the Heat process will be stopped. The enable_heat option is undercloud.conf is now defaulted to False.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following two options have been removed.

    • docker_registry_mirror

    • docker_insecure_registries

  • The container_cli parameter no longer accepts docker. Now only podman is accepted as a valid value.

Deprecation Notes

  • The --local argument to the openstack overcloud image upload command has been deprecated and a --no-local argument has been added. Earlier we used to fallback to upload locally when glance was not available. As glance is not installed in the undercloud by default, we would upload images locally unless --no-local is used.

  • The enable_novajoin parameter in undercloud/standalone deployment has been deprecated.

  • Setting enable_heat=True in undercloud.conf is deprecated.

  • Using –heat-type=installed is deprecated with the openstack overcloud commands.


New Features

  • New configuration options for enable_neutron and enable_heat are added to the standalone and undercloud installers. These options default to true, and can be used to selectively disable these services.

  • A new cli argument, –heat-type is added to openstack overcloud deploy. Available options are “installed”, “pod”, “container”, and “native”. The default is “installed”. The argument specifies the type of Heat process to use for the deployment.

  • Added options for “overcloud delete” command to unprovision nodes and network ports provisioned with “overcloud deploy”.

  • The “openstack tripleo deploy” and “openstack undercloud install” commands now save their generated artifacts from the deployment under a single consistent directory, which by default is located at ~/tripleo-deploy/<stack>. For the undercloud, this location is ~/tripleo-deploy/undercloud. The directory can be overridden with the –output-dir option.