Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The container image build command now has the ability to inject labels into various images being constructed. To add labels into a container, the argument –label can be specified multiple times. The value is always a key=value pair and each key must be unique.

  • Adds auth_token_lifetime to undercloud.conf with a default of 14400. This configuration option exposes the keystone token expirataion as a top level configuration since it may need to be increased to handle larger clouds.

Other Notes

  • The container image build label agument has the ability to do simple string replacements following the python standard. Available options for string replacement are registry, namespace, prefix, image, tag, and name. Example usage –label component=”%(prefix)s-%(name)s-container”.


New Features

  • A new –ansible-forks argument has been added to the TripleO and Overcloud commands. The default value for forks has also been adjusted to no longer exceed 100 forks.


New Features

  • A new command “openstack overcloud export ceph” is added. The command is used to export the Ceph deployment data from one stack for use in another stack with storage services which use that Ceph cluster when using the multi-stack deployment feature.


New Features

  • The –transport argument has been added to openstack tripleo deploy which allows for specifying the ansible transport to use in the ansible configuration file.

Deprecation Notes

  • The –standalone argument to the openstack tripleo deploy command is now deprecated. The argument previously had no effect other than allow the tripleo deploy command to not throw an exception, so it can be safely deprecated with no replacement.

Bug Fixes

  • openstack overcloud export now exports user defined password values instead of just always exporting the generated password values.


New Features

  • The upgrade/update commands have a prompt by default now that ask for confirmation before proceeding. It’ll prevent an operator to run the command and cause the problems to infrastructure. This prompt can be skipped with –yes/-y argument.

Deprecation Notes

  • undercloud_enable_paunch option is removed as we retire Paunch project.

  • The ffwd-upgrade command isn’t needed anymore since Queens. The ffwd upgrade now relies on the overcloud upgrade commands, therefore there is no need to keep the old ffwd-upgrade commands around as they could just cause confusion to the user.