Newton Series Release Notes

Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The reset-status command will set the task and status of an instance to ERROR after which it can be deleted.

  • The force-delete command will allow the deletion of an instance even if the instance is stuck in BUILD state.

  • The –incremental flag for backup-create will add the abiility to create incremental backup based on last full or incremental backup. If no full or incremental backup exists a new full backup will be created.

  • Modules can now be applied in a consistent order, based on the new ‘priority_apply’ and ‘apply_order’ attributes available to module-create and module-update. Blueprint module-management-ordering

  • Adds quota-show and quota-update commands to show the limits for all resources and to change the limit for a single resource. These commands require admin privileges.

  • Implements trove schedule-* and execution-* commands to support scheduled backups.

Bug Fixes

  • Updating a module with all_datastores and all_datastore_versions now works correctly. Bug 1612430


New Features

  • Add a new trove upgrade CLI command and a new Instances.upgrade python API method to implement the new Instance Upgrade feature.

Other Notes

  • Add disk column in flavor-list.

  • Add vCPUs column in flavor-list Bug 1261876.


New Features

  • A –locality flag was added to the trove cluster-create command to allow a user to specify whether instances in a cluster should be on the same hypervisor (affinity) or on different hypervisors (anti-affinity).

  • A –locality flag was added to the trove create command to allow a user to specify whether new replicas should be on the same hypervisor (affinity) or on different hypervisors (anti-affinity).

  • Support was added for modules in cluster-grow and. the CLI consolidated to look more like cluster-create. This means that not including –instance on cluster-grow now raises a MissingArgs exception. Not including a required option in the –instance argument also raises MissingArgs now (instead of the previously raised CommandError). Bug 15778917

  • Support added for error messages when running the Trove show command.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow use of backup name in trove create when restoring a backup.

  • configuration-* cli commands now allow name of configuration group entered instead of just the configuration id. This will allow a user to specify the configuration group name or the id to use for all the cli commands related to configuration groups. Bug 1505529

  • The CLI output from configuration-parameter-list was fixed to properly display the ‘Min Size’ and ‘Max Size’ values. Bug 1572272

  • Fixed CLI output of cluster-create to only print pertinent information so it is consistent with cluster-show. Bug 1563504

  • Remove all the rax references in the client. Use the rackspace plugin for auth if you want to use rax auth with troveclient. Bug 1401804

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