Ussuri Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support to force delete instance. By default, only allowed by admin user.

    openstack database instance delete --force <instance>
  • Support to reboot instance.

    openstack database instance reboot <instance>
  • Support to delete datastore version by ID.

    openstack datastore version delete <datastore_version_id>
  • Support to delete datastore by ID or name, this is admin action by default.

    openstack datastore delete <datastore>


New Features

  • Support following instance log actions:

    openstack database log show <instance_id> <log_name>
    openstack database log set <instance_id> <log_name> [OPTIONS]
  • Support to show log content and save instance log files:

    openstack database log tail [--lines LINES] <instance> <log_name>
    openstack database log save [--file FILE] <instance> <log_name>

Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. Last release of python-troveclient to support py2.7 is OpenStack Train. The minimum version of Python now supported by python-troveclient is Python 3.6.


New Features

  • Support --is-public and --allowed-cidr for creating instance.