Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The command trove flavor-list is now available to use in the python-openstackclient CLI as openstack database flavor list

Bug Fixes

  • Add module-instance-count support to list a count of all instances having a specific module applied. Bug 1554900

  • Add module-reapply command to facilitate applying a module again to all instances where it was previously applied. Bug 1554903

  • Having the CLI command display non-redundant information for module-list when invoked with admin privileges now works with both keystone V2 and V3. Bug 1622019


New Features

  • Added cluster-upgrade command to upgrade all instances in a cluster to a new datastore version.

  • Adds –region option to create and cluster-create APIs. For now, these options are excluded from CLI help strings. This is the first step in multiregion support.

  • Added pagination support (limit and marker) to the CLI for configuration-list and configuration-instances.


Other Notes

  • Add ephemeral column in flavor-list Bug 1617980.

  • Use i18n for shell.py Partial-Bug 1379001.

  • Use i18n for v1/shell.py