Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added an option to add templates to Vitrage by a string that holds the template yaml, and not only by a file path.


New Features

  • Added a new cli command service list to display all the vitrage services present in the system.

  • Added support for parameters in Vitrage templates. vitrage template add can now be called with an additional --params argument for assigning actual values for the parameters that are defined in the template.


New Features

  • Resource count new API with support for queries and group-by. Allows retrieving quick summaries of graph nodes.

  • Resource list API now supports using a query

  • Topology and Rca now can be printed in dot format using the CLI with -f dot

  • Topology and Rca now can be printed in graphml format using the CLI with -f graphml


New Features

  • Added pagination support for vitrage alarm list

  • Added alarm histroy API. vitrage alarm history can be called with --start or --start and --end parameters to show alarms that were active on a specific time period