Yoga Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. Last release of python-vitrageclient to support py2.7 is OpenStack Train. The minimum version of Python now supported by python-vitrageclient is Python 3.6.


New Features

  • New CLI flag --wait was added to template add and delete which will wait until template finish loading or deleting.

  • Added a new API to show vitrage status.

  • Added a new API to list all vitrage template versions supported.

  • Added support to show and delete template by name.


New Features

  • Added an option to add templates to Vitrage by a string that holds the template yaml, and not only by a file path.


New Features

  • Added a new cli command service list to display all the vitrage services present in the system.

  • Added support for parameters in Vitrage templates. vitrage template add can now be called with an additional --params argument for assigning actual values for the parameters that are defined in the template.


New Features

  • Resource count new API with support for queries and group-by. Allows retrieving quick summaries of graph nodes.

  • Resource list API now supports using a query

  • Topology and Rca now can be printed in dot format using the CLI with -f dot

  • Topology and Rca now can be printed in graphml format using the CLI with -f graphml


New Features

  • Added pagination support for vitrage alarm list

  • Added alarm histroy API. vitrage alarm history can be called with --start or --start and --end parameters to show alarms that were active on a specific time period

Bug Fixes

  • Update openstack client with the latest client commands that were added


New Features

  • Created a new API to show all alarm properties, with a mandatory parameter vitrage_id of the alarm. The path for the api is /v1/alarm/_id_.

  • Added a new cli command alarm count to display the count of alarms present in the system.

  • Added a new API to register webhooks to the database. When these webhooks are added and the webhook notifier option is enabled via the config file, Vitrage will send notifications regarding alarm state changes to the registered webhooks.

  • New CLI commands were added - template add and template delete. Templates can now be added/removed by CLI commands while vitrage is running (no restart is required). Templates are stored in the database and remain after restarting vitrage. Adding/removing a template at runtime preforms a live update to the entity graph.


New Features

  • Added osprofiler support. OSProfiler is an OpenStack cross-project profiling library. It allows the user to generate a trace per request which is processed in multiple services, and then generate a tree of calls which is intuitive to understand.


New Features

  • A new resoure list API was added in order to list all the resources or the resources with specified type.

  • A new resoure show API was added in order to show the details of the specified resource.


New Features

  • A new event post API was added in order to support the OPNFV Doctor Inspector requirements. It can be used for posting events from an external monitor or datasource to Vitrage. In the Doctor use case, if a event is posted, then it is handled by the new Doctor Datasource.

  • Multi Tenancy support was added to all Vitrage API queries. In Ocata, a user will only see alarms and resources which belong to his tenant.

  • Added OpenStack Client support