Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support to forced deletion of cluster and nodes.

  • New version of deletion policy (v1.1) is implemented which supports the specification of lifecycle hooks to be invoked before shrinking the size of a cluster. For details, please check the policy documentation.

  • Added support to Octavia as the load-balancer driver.

  • Node details view now includes attached_volumes.

  • Added cluster config property “node.name.format” where users can specify how cluster nodes are automatically named. Users can use placeholders like “$nI” for node index padded with 0s to the left, or “$nR” for random string of length n.

  • Senlin now support policy in code, which means if users didn’t modify any of policy rules, they can leave policy file (in json or yaml format) empty or not deploy it at all. Because from now, Senlin keeps all default policies under senlin/common/policies module. Users can modify/generate policy.yaml file which will override policy rules in code if those rules show in policy.yaml file. Users also still use policy.json file but oslo team recommend that we should use the newer YAML format instead.

  • Added support to unicode availability zone names.

  • Added support to use Unicode string for cluster names.

Upgrade Notes

  • The Octavia service must be properly installed and configured to enable load-balancing policy.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to oslo.versionedobjects change that prevents cluster actions to be properly encoded in JSON requests.

  • Fixed bug related to reacting to nova vm lifecycle event notifications. The recover flow is no longer called twice when a VM is deleted.

  • Fixed various defects in managing node pools for loadbalancer policy.

  • DB lock contentions are alleviated by allowing lock retries.

  • Fixed a bug related to force delete nodes.

  • Fixed an error where action name not passed to backend service.

  • Fixed an error introduced by oslo.versionedobjects change that lead to failures when creating a receiver.

  • Fixed a bug where API version negotiation is not effective when invoked via OpenStack SDK. The API impacted is limited to webhook triggering.

Other Notes

  • Improved Nova VM server health check for cases where physical id is invalid.

  • Default policy.json file is now removed as Senlin now generate the default policies from code. Please be aware that when using that file in your environment.