Train Series Release Notes



Updated tests to work with updated cluster delete.

New Features

  • Supported admin user can see details of any cluster profile.

  • Allows the cluster delete actions to detach policies and delete receivers for the cluster being deleted. This simplifies deleting clusters by not having to detach or delete all dependancies from it beforehand.

  • Added a new list config option to allow trust roles to be overridden.

  • Allow the cluster delete action to detach policies and delete receivers instead of erroring.

  • Bypass lb project restriction for get_details in LBaaS driver.

  • Added webhook v2 support:Previously webhook API introduced microversion 1.10 to allow callers to pass arbritary data in the body along with the webhook call. This was done so that webhooks would work with aodh again. However, aodh and most webhook callers cannot pass in the header necessary to specify the microversion. Thus, we introduce webhook v2 so that webhooks behave like in microversion 1.10 but without the need to specify that microversion header.

  • Add Python 3 Train unit tests.Add Python 3 Train unit tests. This is one of global goal in Train cycle.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug where the webhook rejected additional parameters in the body for mircoversion less than 1.10. Now with new webhook version 2, additional parameters in the body will always be accepted regardless of the microversion API passed in.

  • Various fixes to the user doc, developer doc and API documentation. Fixed api-ref and docs building. Fixed keystone_authtoken config in docs. Updated docs and examples for health policy v1.1. Updated api-ref location. Updated Cirros Example file.

  • Fixed when cluster doing resize/scale create nodes, and physcical id of this nodes not found, the cluster will still can do health check.

  • Fixed get node detail when creating VM is failed

  • Fixed node leak when creating node failed.

  • Updates should still be allowed in a DEGRADED state lest LB policy becomes unable to operate on any partially operational cluster.

Other Notes

  • Introduces webhook version 2 that is returned when creating new webhook receivers. Webhook version 1 receivers are still valid and will continue to be accepted.

  • Simply update the nova server key/value pairs that we need to update rather than completely deleting and recreating the dictionary from scratch.

  • All the integration testing has been moved to Bionic now and py3.5 is not tested runtime for Train or stable/stein.

  • Updated sphinx dependency with global requirements. It caps python 2 since sphinx 2.0 no longer supports Python 2.7. Updated hacking version to latest.