Current Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed compatibility issues with SQLAlchemy 2.x.

  • Addresses an issue related to the SCALE_IN action. The bug caused the removal of only one node from the load balancer even when the count of inputs was greater than 1.

  • Fix incorrect handling of actions causing node reduction in cluster and load balancer with desired_capacity = min_size. The node remains in the cluster, and its IP is no longer removed from the load balancer.

  • Fixed a bug where exception raised in the _resolve_bdm method of the senlin.profile.os.nova.server profile would cause cluster cannot create new nodes.

  • Excluding CLUSTER_RESIZE from the list of actions that skip pre-op checks if the cluster is already at the minimum threshold. When the cluster is at the minimum threshold, pre-operation LB will function with actions such as CLUSTER_DEL_NODES, CLUSTER_SCALE_IN, NODE_DELETE, and will skip actions like CLUSTER_REPLACE_NODES and CLUSTER_RESIZE.