Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added tuned-profile-cpu-partitioning package from centos rt repo. This package is essential for tuning hosts for NFV deployments.



6.0.0 is the final Ocata release for tripleo-puppet-elements. This is also the first release with release notes.

New Features

  • Add openstack-ec2-api package to the overcloud-controller element.

  • Add rbd-mirror package to the overcloud-controller element.

  • Add ipa-admintools to the overcloud-controller element.

  • Add openstack-nova-placement-api to the overcloud-controller element.

  • Install Elastic Curator from RPM in MidoNet element

  • Add reference to puppet-ipaclient module.

  • Add openstack-octavia packages to the overcloud-controller element.

  • Add opstools packages to the overcloud-opstools element.

  • Add reference to puppet-auditd module.

  • Adds puppet-systemd which can be used to create or modify systemd unit service files and set system limits.

Upgrade Notes

  • Update the URL for puppet-contrail module (moved under Juniper organization).

Deprecation Notes

  • Remove openstack-gnocchi-carbonara package reference, gone upstream.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1659384 so we install net-snmp that is not required to be deployed manually and is no longer a dependency from packages we deployed.