Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add cyrus-sasl-scram to allow libvirt SCRAM-SHA1 auth


New Features

  • Add networking-sfc package to the overcloud-controller and overcloud-compute elements.

  • Add puppet-etcd which can be used to manage etcd clusters.

  • Add puppet-veritas-hyperscale which is used to configure Veritas HyperScale backend.

  • Adds puppet-systemd which can be used to create or modify systemd unit service files and set system limits.

  • Added puppet-opendaylight to the overcloud image. Adding OpenDayLight controller increases the overcloud image size and hence needs to installed by user via virt-customize.

  • Added tuned-profile-cpu-partitioning package from centos rt repo. This package is essential for tuning hosts for NFV deployments.

Other Notes

  • Removing Nova cert package, which has been removed in Nova during Pike cycle.

  • Removed truncate-nova-config as it isn’t being used anymore. It was originally added as a workaround for bug 1568820 which has since been fixed in nova and oslo-config.