Queens Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • The static_physical datasource is deprecated. Please use the static datasource instead.



Vitrage Queens release contains many new features and bug fixes.

  • Major changes were made in Vitrage templates. Version 2 was introduced, and it includes features like:

    • templates that contain only topology definitions

    • regular expressions

    • functions (get_attr)

    The templates are now stored in a database, and there is a new API for adding and deleting them.

  • A support was added for webhook registration on Vitrage alarms. The registered webhooks will be notified on every alarm state change.

  • There are significant performance enhancements, mostly around parallel evaluation of the Vitrage templates.

New Features

  • Created a new API to query alarm counts, with an optional parameter to query for all_tenants. The path for the api is /v1/alarm/count/.

  • Support Aodh Gnocchi threshold alarm.

  • Added the option to import external “definition only” templates (containing only entities and relationships) into a template and use the imported definitions to create scenarios.

  • Added an Event Persistor service that listens to the RabbitMQ2 (on a different topic) and asynchronously writes the events to a relational database. All events are stored after the filter/enrich phase.

  • Support querying Vitrage healthcheck status in Vitrage client and displaying it in the console.

  • Fixed multiple non-working tempest tests and added new ones, increasing the number of running tests.

  • A version field was added to the metadata section of Vitrage templates, to allow future changes that are not backward-compatible. The default version is 1.

  • Support nested heat stacks in heat datasource.

  • Parallel evaluation of Vitrage templates. The user can now specify a number of workers to evaluate the templates. Each such worker, holds a clone of the graph and will evaluate a portion of the template scenarios. The number of workers defaults to the number of available cores.

  • Persisting of the current active actions. Scenarios that execute the same actions are considered overlapping, Vitrage keeps track of these actions, previously in-memory and now it is stored in the DB. This allows for parallel evaluators.

  • Register default policies in code. Support the community goal for the Queens release.

  • Refactored the execute-mistral action. All input parameters should appear under an input section. The change takes effect in template version 2. execute-mistral actions from version 1 are automatically converted to the new format.

  • The aodh datasource has been rewritten by using Aodh client, as Ceilometer API is being removed. It also supports ceilometer datasource with an older OpenStack version that contains the Ceilometer API.

  • A new service SNMP parsing is added. The service parses alarms reported from SNMP managed systems and sends them to the OpenStack message bus, for further processing by specific alarm datasources.

  • Integration with Sql Alchemy. Allows for data and state to be kept after restarts. And will also allow a shared data store for multiple processes.

  • Support functions in Vitrage templates version 2. The first supported function is get_attr which allows retrieving attributes from the matched entity in the graph. As the first stage this function is supported only for execute_mistral action.

  • Backend support for alarm show API. Return the alarm properties for a specific alarm. Alarm is fetched according to vitrage_id parameter. Path for the api is /v1/alarm/_id_.

  • Support mark_down action for instances via calling Nova reset-state API.

  • Added a mandatory type property to the templates metadata section in version 2. The type Should be one of {standard, definition, equivalence}

  • Added support for template add and template delete. Templates can now be added/removed by the API while vitrage is running (no restart is required). Templates are stored in the database and remain after restarting vitrage. Adding/removing a template at runtime preforms a live update to the entity graph.

  • Template fields can now contain regular expressions.

  • Added support to register webhooks to the database. When these webhooks are added and the webhook notifier option is enabled via the config file, Vitrage will send notifications regarding alarm state changes to the registered webhooks.